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Checkers Party

Ahnaf An Nafee

Ahnaf An Nafee / December 01, 2020







⚪ Checkers Party is a two-player game designed to be played remotely ⚫

Checkers Party


Checkers Party is a two-player game designed to be played remotely. When each player joins the game, they will be placed in a lobby until both players are ready to play. Once they are prepared to play, they will be taken to the main checkers game, with the board facing their respective side. The objective of each player will be to take out all their opponent’s pieces.

The game will provide a medium for players to interactively play with each other in real-time from any remote location in the world.


  • I was the lead game developer for this project. Primarily, I was in charge of creating the multiplayer functionality for the game. Despite networking being a new avenue for me, I successfully integrated a cross-platform multiplayer solution into the game.

  • Furthermore, I ensured that the user interface utilized common tropes found in multiplayer games like lobbies and rooms so that the common experience is maintained. I was able to leverage multiple modules offered in Photon’s documentation to achieve that while modifying the source code where I saw fit.

  • I also utilized animations across multiple GameObjects, further increasing user interactivity.

  • As the game needed to be ported to Android, increasing performance for low-end devices was essential. So, I optimized the game’s resources across all front, compressing existing sprites as well tweaking advanced quality settings in the render pipeline. I was able to reduce draw calls by more than 95% in the end.

Code Snippets


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