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Sky Pirates

Ahnaf An Nafee

Ahnaf An Nafee / June 01, 2020






Sky Pirates is a single player, arcade style bullet hell

Sky Pirates


Sky Pirates is a single player, scrolling, arcade style, bullet hell game; the player controls a customizable sea plane, capable of submersing itself underwater. On the run from the king, the player must tackle various missions to earn money, which is spent on upgrades for the plane; these upgrades range from new weapons, power-ups, and increased stats for the plane. These missions pit the player against numerous enemies above and below water for the player; ultimately, the goal is to defeat the King Frond’s massive Man O’ War ship and escape his grasp.


  • For the game Sky Pirates, I was the Lead Artist of the team. I was in charge of creating and incorporating all art assets into the game and ensured the theme was maintained through the development lifecycle.

  • Beside the art, I was also in charge of adding the audio into game to make the environment as dynamic and lively as possible.

  • The pixel art I created took inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki’s film, Porco Rosso. The user interface also followed the same theme which I also implemented into the game.

  • I also created 2D frames and converted them into animations within Unity. From the development side, I set up animation states for the main player.


Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2